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October 11, 2023

Demystifying Cloud Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide by Ankercloud

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Did you know that approximately 60% of global corporate data resides within cloud storage systems? This percentage is projected to increase steadily as more businesses embrace cloud technology. What is driving this substantial surge in cloud computing adoption?

Cloud solutions offer remarkable speed, agility, and flexibility, enabling organizations to leverage emerging cloud technologies for delivering cutting-edge products and services. However, it's important to note that migrating your workload to the cloud comes with inherent security risks.

Cloud infrastructures introduce a larger attack surface, and companies rely heavily on cloud providers to safeguard their sensitive data and applications. The complexity of the cloud, with its numerous access points, presents opportunities for malicious actors to exploit vulnerabilities. In simpler terms, data stored in the cloud is more susceptible to cyberattacks.

To bolster security measures and mitigate these risks, adherence to cloud compliance frameworks is imperative. These frameworks encompass various regulatory requirements and standards, encompassing both cloud provider compliance requirements and industry-specific standards.

This article will equip you with comprehensive insights into cloudSecurity and compliance, addressing the associated challenges and providing valuable Solutions. You will also discover how Ankercloud can assist you in implementing data security policies and procedures that align with compliance requirements.

Cloud security and compliance challenges

The distributed nature of cloud technology, while offering remarkable advantages, brings forth a unique set of security challenges:

1. Data Breaches: Cloud breaches can lead to significant data exposure, whether caused by misconfigured settings or insider threats. Unauthorized access to sensitive data remains a top concern.

2. Insecure APIs: Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) play a crucial role in enabling interactions among different cloud components. Inadequately secured APIs can become vulnerable entry points for potential attackers.

3. Shared Responsibility: Public cloud providers follow a shared responsibility model, where they are responsible for securing the infrastructure, while customers bear the responsibility of securing their applications and data.

4. Compliance and Governance: Organizations must ensure that their cloud infrastructure complies with industry regulations and internal security policies to maintain a strong governance framework.   

Strengthen Your Security with Ankercloud's Security Reviews and Compliance Audits

Ankercloud recognizes these challenges and offers a suite of services designed to address them effectively.

1. Security Reviews and Risk Assessment:

  • Partnered with leading trust management platforms like Vanta, we conduct meticulous security assessments. 
  • We examine your infrastructure, applications, and processes to identify vulnerabilities, providing you with actionable recommendations.
  •  Our assessments provide holistic risk visibility, helping you secure your business effectively.

2. Streamlined Compliance Audits:

  • We specialize in simplifying compliance audits, saving your engineering and security teams valuable time.
  • We expedite the implementation of sought-after frameworks like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, USDP, or custom frameworks in just weeks, not months.
  •  Our certified approach based on trust management platforms ensures your compliance journey is efficient and successful.

3. Strengthen Security Defenses with Unosecur:

  • Defend your cloud infrastructure against identity threats with Unosecur, integrated with Ankercloud.
  • Unosecur provides a fast and effective way to visualize and secure cloud permissions, enhancing your security.

4. Vigilant Threat Detection and Response:

Unosecur offers a comprehensive solution for eliminating identity and access risks.

  • It provides real-time identity visibility, continuously profiling users and identifying risks for immediate action.
  • Unosecur monitors for malicious activities using deep analytics and offers automated remediation with no-code workflows.
  • Collaboration between security and DevOps teams is seamless, ensuring swift threat identification and response.

Discover how Ankercloud can bolster your defenses with security assessments, compliance audits, and streamlined identity management. Strengthen your security stance, build trust, and accelerate your business growth today. 

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