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August 8, 2023

How to build a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product on AWS

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More and more companies operating in the IT sector are born with, have switched to, or are evaluating the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model as an effective way to deliver their services to customers. SaaS in the cloud is the perfect solution to leverage all the available modern tools and automated processes, but how much do you know about the optimal way to build these products on AWS?

The problem

Let’s say that your company is interested in managing a SaaS product on AWS, but you are unsure how you should approach the problem or how to start implementing a new feature that needs to be integrated with the offer. Whether you are:

  • Thinking about adopting a SaaS model
  • Planning to onboard a lot of new customers
  • Already using SaaS, on AWS or on another platform
  • Working on new license-based solutions
  • Looking to modernize your whole setup or a specific part of it
  • Interested in improving your DevOps pipeline

… we at Ankercloud think you could strongly benefit from the AWS SaaS Discovery Program.

The solution

Being a SaaS-certified partner and benefitting from tight cooperation with AWS, Ankercloud embarks you on a discovery journey with the aim of giving you full guidance for SaaS-related innovations, customized to your needs. That’s what the SaaS Discovery Program is all about: a period of time ranging from 2–4 weeks to be spent together, starting with technical deep dive workshops to align on your specific starting point and requirements, all the way into AWS architecture design, modernization discussions, TCO computation, best practices explanation, and much more — always suited to your business case.

But the good part does not end here: depending on your growth potential, we are able to provide the SaaS Discovery Program free of charge for you (i.e. 100% discount/funding).

High Potential use cases

The focus of the SaaS Discovery Program is always to accommodate your needs and concentrate on improving your weak points. Depending on your inputs, examples of common use cases can be:

  • SaaS Design Decomposition
  • Authentication and Access Management
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Database Multi-tenancy and Tenants isolation
  • Security and Reliability
  • SaaS DevOps
  • Agility and Operations

But this list is non-exhaustive, and we at Ankercloud are always open to learning about your specific obstacles and understanding how we can support you. And here is our challenge for you: bring us your most critical SaaS-related issue, we will be happy to discuss it and bring all our deep technical knowledge to develop a solution together.

What about the outcome?

This program is intended to provide flexibility and visibility during the whole planning and discovery process. Therefore, once the program is completed, there is no obligation to further continue with the implementation of the developed solution on AWS: no commitment of any kind is in fact implied, as the name discovery suggests.

Several documents and deliverables will anyway help you in the decision-making process, giving full visibility to the planned solution. At the end of the program, Ankercloud will in fact provide you with a detailed technical report with an architecture diagram, a complete analysis of the AWS costs within an 18 months time horizon, and a full proposal to continue working together with the implementation, to give us the possibility of providing further hands-on support if needed.

Sounds interesting? Are you ready to start exploring new SaaS solutions and best practices?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at: cloudengagement@ankercloud.com

Let us guide you through the steps and check your eligibility for the SaaS Discovery Program.

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