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August 11, 2023

Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)

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The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a structured framework designed to facilitate seamless migration of workloads to the AWS Cloud. The program is divided into three essential phases:

1. Migration Readiness Assessment:

 In this initial phase, organizations evaluate their existing IT landscape to determine which workloads are suitable candidates for migration. This involves analyzing dependencies, performance requirements, and potential challenges. By assessing their readiness, organizations gain a clear understanding of the scope and complexity of the migration project.

2. Migration Planning and Mobilize Your Resources:

Once the assessment is complete, organizations move on to the planning phase. This involves creating a comprehensive migration strategy that outlines the approach for each workload. Key considerations include selecting the appropriate migration methods (rehost, re-platform, refactor), estimating costs, and defining a timeline. Mobilizing resources involves assembling the necessary teams, tools, and technologies to execute the migration plan effectively.

3. Migrate and Modernize Your Workloads: 

The final phase is the execution of the migration plan. Workloads are migrated to the AWS Cloud based on the selected strategies. This phase also provides an opportunity to modernize and optimize workloads, taking advantage of AWS services and best practices to enhance performance, scalability, and cost efficiency. The focus is on ensuring that the migrated workloads fully leverage the benefits of the AWS Cloud environment.

Throughout these phases, the AWS Migration Acceleration Program offers guidance, tools, and resources to streamline the migration process and enable organizations to achieve their cloud adoption goals efficiently and effectively. As technology and offerings continue to evolve, the program remains adaptable to deliver successful outcomes for businesses embracing the AWS Cloud.