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August 9, 2023

Monitoring AWS EKS cluster using AWS Prometheus (AMP) & AWS Grafana (AMG)

Time needed: 
Amazon Managed Prometheus is a fully managed backend to ingest, query metrics, store, and visualizes data using Grafana. It is highly scalable, has fast, and secure access to data, and has a unified way of monitoring all containerized applications like AWS EKS.
Amazon Managed Grafana we can be able to create Grafana dashboards and visualizations to analyze your metrics, and logs, and trace our applications. Here would be able to perform native Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) to query the metrics to analyze the data of our Kubernetes cluster.


Step 1: Create an EKS cluster with a node group

Step 2: Create a workspace in the AWS Prometheus

Mark down the Workspace ID and Endpoint-query URL this will require later.
Step 3: Setting up the Prometheus server in our Kubernetes.

Prometheus server helps to collect all the cluster metrics which is inside our EKS cluster then it will transfer to AMP.

3.1) Execute the following helm commands to add charts