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October 19, 2023

Terms & Conditions

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Under the reselling model, the end customer's agreement with AWS governs all access and use of AWS services. The only exceptions are the fees, payment, price, and tax conditions. These are superseded by the terms set out in Ankercloud’s agreement with the end customer.

  • Ankercloud will only provide a billing service for your existing AWS account as part of an AWS reselling agreement and is not responsible for any technical availability of your AWS account and its AWS resources.
  • All costs generated by your AWS resources (including discount plans and purchases in the AWS Marketplace) are billed by Ankercloud at the end of the month at the applicable AWS prices without surcharges.
  • Your AWS account is automatically provisioned with AWS Business Support. This costs 10% of your AWS monthly total for the respective AWS account (this includes the purchase of discount plans and purchases in the AWS Marketplace).
  • You will receive a German invoice in EUR with German VAT and a payment term of 7 days.
  • The minimum contract period is 12 months. Should you however one day want to end the Reselling Agreement with Ankercloud, the process will be handled smoothly and transparently. This includes the removal of your AWS account from Ankercloud’s master account for billing purposes as well as the removal of all access rights and servers of Ankercloud. If available, all documentation of your AWS infrastructure and applications will be deleted from us.