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August 10, 2023

Migration a Saas platform from On-Prem to GCP

Algorithms Software

Algorithms Software

GCP, Cloud
Migration a Saas platform from On-Prem to GCP


Migrating a SaaS platform from On-Prem to Google Cloud

Algorithms Software is a multinational software solutions company with twenty years of project- driven business experience. They have been working with leading construction, engineering and real estate companies since 1994 to provide software that meets their unique needs. Xpedeon and Algo are the two integrated ERP solutions of algorithms which provide solutions across industries from large enterprises to small & midsize companies. Their solutions enable more than 20000 users worldwide to improve their productivity and raise their bottom line. They collaborate with the customers and assist them in every aspect of the development process of the software product. Also, they have their presence in the UK, UAE and India to ensure timely response and quality service.


Customer is currently using the on-premises platform which is consuming high cost with no real up time, affecting the business performance. As a result, the customer is looking forward to moving to the cloud. It will help to attain scalability, agility and flexibility, and meet the expectations of improved performance.


  • The Cloud network is used to allow global and secure admin access to the presentation layer from the public internet.
  • Cloud Armor is a network security service that provides defence against DDoS and application attacks and offers a rich set of WAF (Cloud Armor) rules.
  • The internal team can access their Microsoft Active directory through Cloud DNS.
  • The Xpedeon App server is on Cloud Load balancing as having the ability to auto-scale.
  • The Xpedeon non-core servers will be directly accessible from the public internet.
  • The IIS server, File server, and Xpedeon non-core server are not on auto scale and the servers will be added with the increase in loads.
  • The presentation layer will be managed by the Cameyo team.
  • SQL server is used to connect between the Xpedeon App server and the Xpedeon non-core server.
  • Stack driver is a management service that provides performance and diagnostics data to public cloud users.
  • Cloud IAM lets you grant granular access to specific Google Cloud resources, giving you full control and visibility to manage Google Cloud resources centrally.

Business Outcome

  • The core benefits on using GCP was high availability , reduced latency as the servers were hosted to the nearest location of their intended usage.
  • Easy to use reporting capabilities with flexibility for customization
  • Ability to shift to a higher configuration with higher specifications and make use of the inbuild load balancer to drive higher performance are also greatly beneficial.

Algorithms Software

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