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August 10, 2023

Bitech AG DevOps Migration from on-prem to AWS for German ISV



AWS, DevOps, SaaS
Bitech AG DevOps Migration from on-prem to AWS for German ISV


Bitech AG DevOps Migration from on-prem to AWS for German ISV

Bitech with headquarters in Hürth, Germany, has been operating in the German IT industry for more than 30 years, offering a combination of software products and advanced consulting to help customers find new solutions during their digital transformation journey. Traditionally born as an ISV, Bitech has recently modernized its whole strategy and is now adopting a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model to offer a user experience at a completely new level. Bitech has benefited from a tight collaboration with Ankercloud, honoring the implicit meaning of the Bitech logo: the blue triangle that symbolizes the balanced partnership between customers, employees and the company itself.


Bitech wanted to unlock its SaaS potential on the AWS cloud, starting with migrating its whole DevOps pipeline that was hosted on-premise. The biggest challenge was that they were pretty new to the AWS ecosystem, and they were in fact looking to work with a partner that could help and support them while starting a long-term collaboration also for potential future projects. Specifically, a repeatable, scalable, and secure environment was required to run and manage their servers, applications, and databases, while setting a strong basis for multi-tenant onboarding and following all the SaaS best practices on AWS.


  • Bitech started a partnership with Ankercloud to reach its cloud and SaaS objectives on AWS. Throughout the projects, there was a close collaboration between Bitech’s and Ankercloud’s teams following an agile approach that included weekly meetings for regular alignment and a direct communication channel for faster and easier support escalations.
  • Ankerlcoud developed a CloudFormation template to allow a simple and automized deployment of AWS resources, using the Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) approach
  • A scalable ECS Cluster was set up and integrated with AWS CodeArtifact and ECR to manage Bitechs’ environment following a modern microservices model. The database was moved to Amazon Aurora for high performance and availability.
  • The whole DevOps pipeline was migrated to AWS, leveraging native services like AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy, and integrated with the Production environment
  • The project has been carried out with a special focus on following SaaS best practices and using the available tools from the AWS SaaS Factory team, consolidated with the SaaS Discovery Program conducted by Ankercloud during the migration.

Business Outcome

  • Bitech can benefit from a flexible and scalable environment, appropriate for multi-tenant storage management and fully integrated with CI/CD pipelines
  • The IaC model together with managed AWS services allows keeping a low management burden while achieving high efficiency and security
  • The collaboration between both teams was extremely fruitful and beneficial, in fact, new projects for cooperation are currently underway
  • Bitech-Ankercloud’s collaboration benchmark has been successful and has brought tangible positive results, making Ankercloud the go-to partner for incoming workloads
  • Bitech is now on its way to offering a modern SaaS Solution and has already begun the onboarding process with new customers.


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