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Case Study
August 7, 2023

Replication of On-premise Infrastructure into AWS Cloud on Docker Swarm platform

Oxolo GmbH

Oxolo GmbH

AWS, Cloud Migration, Europe
Replication of On-premise Infrastructure into AWS Cloud on Docker Swarm platform


Replication of On-premise Infrastructure into AWS Cloud on Docker Swarm platform

Oxolo GmbH is a pioneer in AI, focused on creating AI-powered chatbot avatars indistinguishable from reality and ready to engage and communicate. Through their platform, they are developing several products to leverage their technology and blend artificial intelligence into digital entertainment products.


At present Oxolo is looking to move their production workloads to AWS Cloud and they are facing challenges with the existing infrastructure which they are having On-Premise. Their main goal is to scale the application based upon the requests they receive which are not possible in the current scenario, since they have to host the physical VMs in the data center. Hence, they are looking for a scalable and cost-effective solution for their production workload.


  • Ankercloud helped in re-architecting the current setup to replicate new infrastructure on the AWS cloud platform.
  • Ankercloud provisioned virtual machines where the customers can take advantage of Auto scaling and high availability for the application using the native services of AWS.
  • Ankercloud also recommended using the AWS Managed Service
  • Post-migration checks were essential and Ankercloud ensured an end-to-end workload validation was conducted and any issues if found in the workload migration and configuration, were fixed swiftly.
  • Ankercloud also provisioned tools, which provides infrastructure and application monitoring of all the applications, resources, and services that run on the cloud.

Business Outcome

  • As all the workloads are migrated to the AWS cloud platform, the client received a much stronger and secure infrastructure for the workloads.
  • The business applications outperformed the previous vendor lock-in platform with the new cloud-native features and enterprise-friendly services.
  • Moving to cloud signified cost optimization by eliminating unwanted costs and managing expenses without overspending
  • The capital expenses were eliminated, and business units were allowed to operate with monthly budgets for IT expenses.

Oxolo GmbH

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