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Case Study
August 10, 2023

Innovapptive's Cloud-Native Transformation with AWS



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Innovapptive's Cloud-Native Transformation with AWS


Innovapptive's AWS-Powered Transformation: A Case Study in Elevating Enterprise Efficiency and Security

Innovapptive is the industry leader when it comes to providing a platform for contemporary connected workers that is the finest in its class, as well as a range of pre-packaged application software suites. The Connected Worker Platform (CWP) from Innovapptive expands the functionality of SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Supply Chain with natively created, pre-packaged mobile apps that are SAP-certified and developed with the guiding concepts of user experience (UX) and adaptability. There is no other company that provides a full suite of applications on a single platform like Enterprise Asset Tracking does. These applications include mobile work orders, operator rounds, digital work instructions, inspections and check lists, planning and scheduling, inventory and warehouse management, and inspections and check lists. We focus everything we do, from product development to service delivery methodology, on providing the best mobile user experience and driving user field adoption. We do this by designing screens and workflows that are easy to use and intuitive, as well as mobile-friendly, and by providing out-of-the-box support for SAP transactions.


Innovapptive is getting ready to launch one of their most important software apps, which will be a cloud-native app that will run entirely on AWS. Since it's an enterprise-level product that's used across the world, the engineering team is working to have the application and infrastructure ready with an automated tenant onboarding and devops pipeline to meet all the best practices and legal requirements before the start.


  • Ankercloud to provide AWS consulting and SaaS Blueprint to achieve the goals as a SaaS Application
  • Review the current strategy and automate the Innovapptive deployment process
  • Designing and implementing an automated multi-tenant onboarding solution.
  • Tenant isolation introduced to tightly control access to resources, and block any attempt to access the resources of another tenant.
  • Setting up a disaster recovery environment and conduct DR drills.

Third party applications or Solutions Used

  • Jenkins is used as Continous Deployment
  • Site 24x7 is being used as an infrastructure monitoring tool.
  • New Relic is configured for Application Performance Monitoring

How AWS was used as part of the solution: 

  • We have implemented the AWS Control Tower to isolate the environments based on the customer workloads such as Production, Quality Analysis, User Acceptance Testing, development, P&I, and SE. We manage the log centralized in the log archive account and audit account. New features are made effective through AWS CodeDeploy without downtime. During auto scaling using the life cycle hook it's deployed in the newly launched server.  The AWS WAF is integrated with the Application Load Balancer to improve the security of web applications and helps shield them from widespread web exploits and attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and others.
  • As a SAAS application hosted in the AWS environment, We have automated the Tenant onboarding using multiple AWS services such as Amazon Cognito, AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).
  • AWS WAF is configured to protect from common web exploits and attacks, like SQL injection, DDoS attacks, and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. We use AWS Managed Rules and Custom Rules to keep an eye on requests and either let them through or block them based on the conditions we put in the rules. This helps us understand the threats and see if the logs show any known requests.
  • We have set up Amazon CloudWatch monitoring for EC2- status check failed: Redis - CPU utilization, Freeable memory, SWAP usage: RDS - CPU usage, freeable memory, readthroughput, read iops, write iops, latency, DB connection count : Dynamo DB table.
  • We have also set up 3rd party monitoring tools such as Site 24x7 to continously monitor the Server utilization such as CPU, Memory, Disk.
  • New Relic is configured for APM where metrics such as Low througput, application resonse time, application errors, high CPU.
  • We have Disaster recovery implemented for Amazon RDS with a setup of active-passive, and the RPO is Less than 1 minute and the RTO is 15 minutes. The primary region is us-east-1 and the secondary region is Mumbai. The Amazon RDS in us-east-1 has a read replica in the Mumbai region, during the disaster, the read replica in the Mumbai region is promoted to the primary instance.

Business Outcome

  • Automation of various tasks and workflows has led to 10% reduction in errors, increase efficiency has resulted in 20% faster completion of software development workflows.
  • Ankercloud’s assistance in load testing has helped the infrastructure handle a high volume of requests.
  • Automation of deployment process has led to a 30% reduction in time to market.
  • Centralized Governance and effective cost controls by leveraging AWS Control Tower.
  • Strengthened the monitoring by configuring Cloudwatch alarms tightly coupled with Site 24x7 and New Relic.
  • Ankercloud’s recommendation of AWS, which provides a range of services, helped prepare for SOC audits and meet their compliance requirements.

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