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Data Lake Solutions

Centrally manage all your structured and unstructured data

Big Data is not scary anymore

Integrate all data formats and sources in a single place

Building a Data Lake allows businesses to process, store, and manage enormous amounts of data on a centralized cloud repository that takes advantage of the latest storage systems. A Data Lake can handle both raw data, streamed directly from the source, or pre-processed and processed data that has already been refined. It is a fundamental tool for organizations that produce huge loads of data on a regular basis and want to ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

Similar concepts, a whole different approach

A Data Warehouse is a large database designed to store relational data from transactional systems. While it offers optimized performance for structured data, it comes with some limitations especially when dealing with different data sources and formats. Data Lakes allow to overcome those limitations and efficiently handle structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from various sources (e.g. databases, logs, social media, IoT devices), to be integrated with visualization tools, analytic services, Machine Learning applications, or any other kind of usage.


Build your Data Lake strategy and define a unified approach for your data

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