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Identity Threat Detection and Response

Enforce Least privilege and Eliminate Identity and Access risks on runtime.

Your Identity is a target: Ankercloud's Integration with Unosecur

In today's cybersecurity landscape, 80% of attacks involve identity-based techniques, making your Identity and Access Management (IAM) system a prime target. Defend your cloud infrastructure against identity threats with Unosecur, the fastest way to visualize and secure cloud permissions.

Vigilant Threat Detection and Response

With Unosecur platform Ankercloud offers a comprehensive solution for eliminating identity and access risks, simplifying true least privilege access management. It provides centralized real-time identity visibility, continuously profiling users and identifying risks for immediate action. Unosecur also monitors for malicious activities using deep analytics and offers automated remediation with no-code workflows, promoting collaboration between security and DevOps teams. These no-code workflows tailored for IAM operations ensure that business and security teams can work seamlessly together to identify, remediate, and respond to threats.


75% of security failures will result from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges

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Security reviews and Compliance Audits

Streamline compliance audits and security reviews. Get straightforward through audit processes and become compliant and build trust.

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Cloud Security

Make security a priority in your cloud business. Ankercloud’s security services help organizations reduce data vulnerabilities and secure cloud infrastructure by avoiding data breaches and data ingestions.

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