Empowering you to do your best

We believe in providing a safe and nurturing environment for you to grow and become the best version of yourself.

Glimpses of Life at Ankercloud

Leadership virtues we follow

Cultivate Excellence

Excelling both in our professional and personal lives

Customer Focus

Sharp focus on always thinking from the customer's lens

Team Collaboration

We face all challenges together as one, united

Drive for Impact

Each action we take should create value for the customer

We focus on ankering the work-life balance

Defined Work Hours

We set clear boundaries to honor everyone's time, ensuring work stays within work hours.

Results-Oriented Approach

We prioritize the impact of your work over the quantity of hours, valuing what you achieve.

Autonomy in Task Management

We trust our team members to manage their tasks in the way that works best for them, fostering efficiency and satisfaction.

Sustainable Workloads

Our projects are designed to be challenging yet achievable, safeguarding against burnout and promoting long-term engagement.

Team Bonding Focus

Cohesion and camaraderie are pillars of our environment, creating a supportive space where everyone thrives together.

Get to know us better

Hear our HR team speak about life at Ankercloud

You really want to grow fast, want to do things, create a legacy,  build a reputation, you should join Ankercloud.

Sanjiv Kumar Dasmohapatra

Business HR

Watch a video, where Head of Sales & Marketing, Pradeep talks about the team
2:09 mins

Showcase your talent globally

We offer opportunities for global exposure through project-based work in Germany.
Also, you can expect international travel for relevant conferences and training.

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