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Well-designed Architecture Framework

Check your Cloud setup with respect to best practices and guidelines to achieve operational excellence, efficiency, and cost optimization
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Performance, Cost, Security

Understand how to apply the fundamental Cloud Pillars

Cloud providers offer detailed implementation guidelines to build efficient and secure applications. While the specific rules vary according to the vendor, the best practices are usually divided into several pillars that cover critical domains like operational excellence, compliance, security & privacy, reliability, and cost optimization. Discover with Ankercloud how you can apply the pillars to your specific case and bring your setup to full conformity.

In-depth Cloud review with Ankercloud

A fully structured and certified process to check your setup against best practices

With certified Cloud partnerships and a dedicated security team, Ankecloud follows validated procedures to review your cloud setups and highlight high-risk issues along with improvement points. It allows stakeholders to gain complete visibility over the Cloud environment and properly design a remediation plan to improve efficiency and reduce costs while being protected against the most common security breaches.


Challenge your infrastructure against the Cloud best practices with a full Cloud Review

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