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At Ankercloud, we prioritize the unique needs of healthcare. Our cutting-edge cloud computing services are crafted exclusively for healthcare providers. With our advanced solutions, streamline operations, elevate patient care, and unlock unprecedented innovation.

Our Solutions

At Ankercloud, we understand that every healthcare organization is different. That's why we offer a range of customizable solutions to suit your specific requirements:

Healthcare-Centric Solutions

Our cloud solutions are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of the healthcare industry, addressing the issues that matter most to hospitals.

Knowledge Bridge

 Bridge the gap in expertise by offering comprehensive training, support, and solutions that empower your team to leverage the cloud effectively, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency.

Data Analytics and Insights

Unlock the power of your data with our advanced analytics tools. Gain valuable insights into patient trends, operational efficiency, and clinical outcomes to drive informed decision-making and improve overall performance.

Compliance and Security

Stay compliant with industry regulations and safeguard patient privacy with our robust security measures and comprehensive compliance protocols.

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Cloud security, AWS, GCP

Customer Success Stories: Ankercloud's Impact on Cloud Security and Architecture

December 21, 2023

In this article, we will delve into two remarkable success stories that highlight the significant impact of Ankercloud on enhancing cloud security and architecture. Ankercloud, a distinguished player in the realm of cloud services and security, has played a pivotal role in helping organizations fortify their cloud environments, optimize operational costs, and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Hi.Res.Cam GmbH: Securing High-Resolution Camera Systems

Hi.Res.Cam GmbH, a leading provider of high-resolution camera systems, faced a unique challenge. Their internal team had built a complex AWS infrastructure, which required careful management and integration. Seeking external validation and certification of their setup, they turned to Ankercloud.

Ankercloud conducted a comprehensive Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) of Hi.Res.Cam's AWS infrastructure, evaluating it based on key pillars such as Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Security, Cost Optimization, Reliability, and Sustainability. Special emphasis was placed on security.

The results were outstanding. With Ankercloud's guidance, Hi.Res.Cam successfully remediated high-risk issues, optimized their infrastructure, and achieved a state-of-the-art AWS setup. In the first month after the review, they experienced a remarkable 30% reduction in costs.

Unosecur: Cloud Identity Security Made Easy

Unosecur, a pioneering No-Code Cloud Identity Security Platform, was in the business of helping organizations detect, quantify, and centrally manage identity and access risks. Their diverse customer base, ranging from Scale-Ups to SMBs and Enterprises, required a tailored approach.

Ankercloud stepped in to assist Unosecur in developing a cloud identity security SaaS platform that catered to varying customer needs. This platform introduced a tiered subscription model, allowing customers to pay based on the number of AWS accounts and resources they used. The platform provided a user-friendly experience, making it accessible to organizations of all sizes and complexities.

The outcome was extraordinary. Customers could onboard themselves within minutes and pay according to their specific usage. With Ankercloud's support, Unosecur's platform enabled customers to monitor and remediate identity and access-related risks without requiring any coding knowledge. This granular control not only enhanced security but also streamlined audits and forensics.

The flexibility of Unosecur's platform allowed customers to choose which accounts they wanted to connect to, providing an adaptable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Ankercloud's Impact on Cloud Security and Architecture

The success stories of Hi.Res.Cam GmbH and Unosecur demonstrate the significant impact of Ankercloud in enhancing cloud security and architecture. With their expertise in conducting Well-Architected Framework Reviews and their ability to develop tailored solutions, Ankercloud has proven to be a valuable partner for businesses looking to secure their cloud environments, optimize costs, and adapt to evolving needs.

As cloud security continues to be a top priority for organizations, Ankercloud's track record of success and their commitment to aligning cloud infrastructure with best practices make them a trusted choice for businesses seeking to fortify their cloud security and architecture. The stories above are just a glimpse of the transformations Ankercloud has brought to its clients, ensuring they remain secure and agile in the cloud-first world

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DORA Metrics for DevOps Performance Tracking

August 9, 2023
This blog is to explain the DevOps Research and Assessment capabilities to understand delivery and operational performance for better organizational performance.
DORA — DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics help us to measure the DevOps performance if there are low or elite performers. The four metrics used are deployment frequency (DF), lead time for changes (LT), mean time to recovery (MTTR), and change failure rate (CFR).

The four essentials of DORA metrics:

  1. Deployment frequency
  2. Lead time for changes
  3. Mean time to recovery
  4. Change failure rate

Deployment Frequency :

Deploy frequency measures how often you deploy changes to a given target environment. Along with Change lead time, Deploy frequency is a measure of speed.

Deployment Frequency also provides us with Batch Size Breakdowns,

Allowing you to filter the code changes based on Small batch, Medium, Large, and Gigantic batch sizes.

  1. Small — usually 1 pull request, 1–10 commits, and a few hundred lines of code changed
  2. Medium — usually 1–2 pull requests, 10–30 commits, and many hundreds of lines of code changed
  3. Large — usually 2–4 pull requests, 20–40 commits, and many hundreds of lines of code changed
  4. Gigantic — usually 4 or more pull requests or 30 or more commits or many thousands of lines of code changed.

Lead Time for Change:

Change lead time measures the time it takes for a change to go from its initial start of coding to being deployed in its target environment. Like Deploy frequency, Change lead time is a measure of speed (whereas Change failure rate and MTTR are measures of quality or stability).

In addition to the Lead Time for Change, Sleuth provided us with a detailed breakdown of how much time your teams, on average, are spending.

  • Coding — the time spent from the first commit (or the time spent from the first transition of an issue to an “in-progress state) to when a pull request is opened
  • Review lag time — the time spent between a pull request being opened and the first review
  • Review time — the time spent from the first review to the pull request being merged
  • Deploying — the time spent from pull request merge to deployment

Mean Time to Recovery:

Change failure rate measures the percentage of deployed changes that cause their target environments to end up in a state of failure. Along with MTTR, Change failure rate is a measure of the quality, or stability of your software delivery capability.

Change Failure Rate

Measures the quality and stability while deployment frequency and Lead Time for Changes don’t indicate the quality of the software but just the velocity of the delivery.

Here’s a table of how DORA metrics are calculated depending on the deployment that occurred, coding and review time, time is taken to restore from an incident or a failure, and failure rate that occurred due to the deployments.

Apart from the four metrics of DORA, there is a fifth one, Reliability, happens to be most important when it comes to operational performance which brings together DevOps and SRE teams to build us a better infrastructure and software. The Reliability metrics is a great way to showcase a team’s overall software delivery performance.

Become an Elite :

According to the most recent State of DevOps report, elite performers have recently grown to now represent 20% of survey respondents. High performers represent 23%, medium performers represent 44%, and low performers only represent 12%.


DORA metrics are a great way to measure the performance of your software development and deployment practices. DORA metrics can help organizations to measure software delivery and stability to a team’s improvement, which also decreases the difficulties and allows for quicker, higher quality software delivery.

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AWS, Cloud Security, Cloud Migration

AWS Security and Ankercloud: Your Trusted Compliance Partner

November 7, 2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a prominent player in the cloud computing landscape, has become a cornerstone for countless businesses seeking scalability, flexibility, and efficient financial management. However, the increasing dependence on the cloud has also given rise to new challenges, particularly in the realm of security. This is where Ankercloud, a dedicated partner in AWS security, comes into play. In this article, we'll explore Ankercloud's expertise in AWS security and how it aligns seamlessly with the shared responsibility model.

Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model

Before delving into the invaluable role that Ankercloud plays in AWS security, it's vital to grasp the Shared Responsibility Model. This model defines who bears the responsibility for what in the public cloud environment, distinguishing between the cloud service provider (in this case, AWS) and the customer.

AWS Responsibility

AWS takes charge of the "Security of the Cloud." This encompasses the security and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure, including hardware, network structure, and physical security of data centers. AWS also manages low-level configurations and operating systems on its servers.

Customer Responsibility

On the other hand, customers are responsible for the "Security in the Cloud." This includes configuring and securing the services they use and the data they upload. Their responsibilities encompass the security of their cloud architecture, the setup and utilization of AWS services, and the maintenance of their code, operating systems, and containers.

Shared Controls

Certain controls in the cloud environment fall under both AWS and customer responsibilities, depending on the context and perspective. These shared controls encompass patching, settings and configuration, and awareness and training. It is incumbent upon both AWS and customers to make sure that their employees are well-informed and trained in the latest security practices.

When it comes to cloud security, one common concern is the fear of unauthorized access to sensitive data. However, it's essential to understand how data is handled in the cloud to alleviate these concerns.

AWS structures its global coverage into regions and availability zones to ensure data redundancy and disaster recovery. Customer data does not leave the specified region without explicit permission. Data encryption is a priority for AWS, and customers are responsible for encrypting their data. AWS services like S3 and DynamoDB use AES-256 encryption by default.

Creating backups is crucial for data reliability, and AWS provides services like AWS Glacier for data backup. Customers have control over backup frequency and retention policies, ensuring that their data is protected. Importantly, access to data in the cloud is limited to customers, as AWS employees cannot access customer data, and any hardware accessed is thoroughly wiped before use.

To guarantee the security and compliance of cloud services, AWS adheres to various industry standards and programs. Some of these include the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5), ISO/IEC 27000:2018, and PCI DSS. These standards help assess and maintain the security of AWS services and demonstrate their commitment to security.

With the foundations of cloud compliance in mind, we turn to Ankercloud, your trusted compliance partner in the AWS ecosystem.

Ankercloud: Your Cloud Compliance Companion

Ankercloud understands the complexity of cloud security and compliance. We have the expertise and experience to guide organizations in achieving and maintaining compliance within the AWS environment. Here's how Ankercloud can assist you:

1. Security Strategy Analysis

We kick off by thoroughly analyzing your existing cloud setup, identifying areas that need improvement. This analysis forms the foundation for crafting a tailored security strategy aligned with your unique requirements.

2. Centralized Policies for User Control

Ankercloud assists you in devising centralized policies that grant you full control over user actions, guaranteeing your cloud environment complies with the strictest security standards.

3. IAM User Management

Our experts provide the tools and guidance needed for efficient Identity and Access Management (IAM) user management, ensuring access is restricted to authorized individuals.

4. Defensive Controls

Ankercloud helps you implement robust defensive controls to protect your AWS infrastructure. From firewalls to intrusion detection systems, we ensure your cloud environment is resilient against external threats.

5. In-Depth Infrastructure Reviews

Our team conducts comprehensive reviews of your AWS infrastructure to uncover vulnerabilities and areas for enhancement. We leave no stone unturned in pursuit of cloud security.

6. Cloud Workload Design and Maintenance

Designing and maintaining cloud workloads in accordance with best practices is one of our core competencies. We ensure your cloud architecture is not only secure but also optimized for peak performance.

7. Ongoing Support

Cloud compliance is an ongoing commitment. Ankercloud provides continuous support for secure infrastructure management, monitoring, and uptime, ensuring the longevity of your cloud environment's resilience.

Ankercloud's expertise in AWS security and its alignment with the shared responsibility model make it the ideal choice for organizations seeking comprehensive and effective cloud security solutions. With Ankercloud, you can confidently embrace the benefits of the cloud while knowing your data is in safe hands.

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