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SAAS Discovery program

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SaaS Discovery Program

As a pioneer Tech company based in Ulefoss (Norway), Tixo is revolutionizing the way teams can work together online, and is born to be the digital place where you start your workday. They have created a tool to transform online cooperation, with the final mission of helping teams organize their online tools and information, making it easy and efficient to navigate from one task to another without losing time. Website


Tixio was already leveraging some AWS services for their advanced IT setup before engaging with Ankercloud. The cooperation originated from Tixio’s interest in discovering new potential solutions on AWS, focusing especially on Managed Kubernetes clusters and managed MongoDB options. Tixio was also willing to evaluate a potential migration of all their resources on a centralized setup on AWS, but given the substantial investment that it would imply, they wanted first to design a potential solution along with a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation to have full visibility for their evaluations.


Since Tixio is using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model to deliver its product to the end customers, the SaaS Discovery Program was a perfect fit for their needs: it is in fact designed to help customers build an iterative and informed approach in adopting new AWS Cloud Services while optimizing critical SaaS-related technical aspects.

Ankercloud guided Tixio through multiple discovery workshops, which were needed to specifically understand their needs and discuss how they could be satisfied in the most efficient way. After several iterations to design and finalize a solution, Tixio was provided with the following deliverables:

  • SaaS-oriented AWS Architecture design & detailed description of the services included
  • Services mapping chart for the existing resources that could be migrated to AWS
  • Detailed cost analysis and TCO on a 12-18 months time horizon
  • Roadmap and task list breakdown to implement the solution designed

Moreover, the whole process was 100% funded by AWS, to give Tixio the possibility of deeply evaluating its business case before committing to it.

Business Outcome

  • Tixio has now full visibility of all the critical factors to be assessed when considering implementing new SaaS-related services on AWS and/or migrating external resources to AWS.
  • Tixio is completely aware of the investment that would be incurred, time-wise and financial-wise
  • Tixio has a detailed roadmap to be followed in case they decide to implement the solution designed
  • Tixio has the possibility to make a well-informed decision without the need for monetary investments

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